Oilers Ice Center offers Freestyle Sessions and Group Classes 6 days per week.  Our Freestyle Program is for the beginning  through advanced figure skater.  Sessions are available for practice and scheduled private lessons. Skaters have the option of purchasing walk on sessions or pre-paying a monthly discounted contract.

Meet the Figure Skating Staff

Jessie Stoops
Skating Director

Jessie is the Oilers Ice Center Skating Director. She is an Adult Triple Gold Medalist in USFS Adult Pairs, Adult Freestyle and Adult Fieldmoves and has also passed her Pre-Bronze Dance test as well as being a standard track Fieldmoves Gold Medalist. She was a competitive skater for several years as well as an 8 year competitive gymnast. Jessie started coaching in spring of 2005 and enjoys teaching students of all levels and ages.



Kelly Desjardins
Assistant Skating Director

Kelly is the Oilers Ice Center Assistant Skating Director, assisting Jessie with the figure skating programs as well as promoting and enhancing the Learn to Skate program. Kelly is a USFS and PSA member as well as fieldmoves gold medalist. She enjoys teaching all levels, beginners through adults and specializes in fieldmoves, freestyle and choreography



Jane Wilson

Jane is a freestyle and fieldmoves Gold Medalist and has been teaching since 1998. She coaches all levels and ages, beginner through adult and specializes in freestyle, fieldmoves and choreography. She is a USFS and PSA member and holds a degree from the University of Tulsa with a Bachelors Degree in Psychology.

$56.00 / hour


Michelle Miller Perna

Michelle is an United States Figure Skating Double Gold Medalist in Figures and Freestyle and an International Skating Union Double Gold Medalist in Figures and Freestyle. She is also a Southwestern Senior Ladies Medalist and Midwestern Senior Ladies competitor.  She is a USFS and PSA member.

$65.00 / hour


Robert Baker

Robert has competed on a Regional and Sectional level in Men’s Freestyle, Ice Dancing, and Pair’s Free Skating. Robert was an alternate twice for Nationals in both Pair’s and Men’s Freestyle Skating. Robert and his dance partner were Regional and Sectional Dance Champions in Intermediate and Novice Dance. Robert is a Double Gold Medalist in Men’s Freestyle, and in Men’s Field Moves. Robert is certified by the Professional Skating Association, and a member of the USFSA.



Bailey Slane

Bailey started skating here in Tulsa at age 7. She is a fieldmoves Silver medalist and freestyle Bronze medalist. Bailey was a competitive skater for 10 years and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Management and Marketing from Oklahoma State University.



Lee Cabell

Lee began skating in the Czech Republic and has coached singles figure skating from grass-roots through Olympic levels in Europe and the US for 38 years. He teaches freestyle and is a jump technician using Dartfish software and jump pole harness.  He is a PSA Master rated in Figures and Freestyle serving on the PSA Sports Science and USFS Sports Medicine and Science Committees and was awarded the PSA Pieter Kollen Sport Science Coaching Award in 2017.  Lee is Chair of Figure Skating Special Interest Group of the National Strength and Conditioning Association (off-ice training).  Lee holds a Doctoral degree in Biomechanics from University of Kentucky. 

$80.00 / hour


Neli Stoyanova

Neli‘s grew up as a competitive skater in Bulgaria where she continued competing as an adult in Freestyle, Pairs and Synchronized skating, medaling at Regional and National competitions.  She is Freestyle and Moves in the Field Gold medalist.  She is a member of USFS.