League Info

League Info
The Oilers Ice Center operates the adult league and we follow all USA Hockey rules but our leagues insurance is offered by United Hockey Union.



• Every year, we run four seasons (Winter, Spring, Summer, & Fall).
• Each season has 10 games and the top teams of each division make the playoffs.


• Each game is 20 minute run clock games
• Teams have a 10 minute warm up and 5 minute intermissions between periods.
• Each team will receive 1 timeout per game.
• Points
o Win = 2 points
o Lose = 0 points
o OT Lose = 1 point
• Standings Tie Breakers.
o First – Points
o Second – Wins
o Third – Goal Differential
o Forth = Head to Head
o Fifth – Goals For

Player Registration:

• To sign up with a team, email the adult hockey director, Eric Lawless, at eric@tulsaoilers.com and provide your playing background and you desired division you are looking to play in. Your information will be dispersed to the captains and they will contact you when they have an opening.

Team Registration:

• Teams MUST register with two options of payments, either the team pays in full or the team will put a 50% deposit down and have the remainder 50% paid by the second week of the season. If a team fails to make the final payment, they will receive a 5 game schedule for that season with no playoffs. Once the schedule is written passed this, the league will not add that team back onto the schedule.
• League fees are payable with check, cash, credit card (if paying with American Express you will need to call Justin to setup payment). Payments can be made over the phone or in person.
• Once a team is paid, there will be no refunds. Individual player refunds will need to be handled amongst the team.