League Rules

League Rules

The Adult Hockey League is sanctioned by the United Hockey Union and follows all USA Hockey rules. Below is a link to the USA Hockey rule book. All players MUST be registered with United Hockey Union for the current year prior to playing. If you have further questions about the rules please contact the Adult Hockey Director Eric Lawless at eric@tulsaoilers.com

Code of Conduct:

1. Alcohol and playing hockey do NOT mix. If a referee thinks you are intoxicated, they will remove you from the game if they feel they are a potential harm to others safety for this reason. If a player refuses to leave, their team will forfeit.
2. ZERO TOLERANCE…If your team has a question about a call that a referee makes, then please have your captain address the referees at an appropriate time. If you are called for 2 minutes, sit your penalty before it escalates to a 10 minute misconduct or to a Game Misconduct. If there is a question and it is a potential heated call, the captain needs to wait until after the game and contact the league director Eric Lawless.
3. If there are issues on the ice that are happening and your team feels they are not being addressed in the game, the captain needs to approach the referee in between periods depending on the severity of the issue. The captain needs to be the one communicating to the refs about issues on the ice but need to do it in a professional manor and appropriate time. If the captain feels it wasn’t addressed, then the captain needs to contact Eric Lawless.
4. If there is an altercation on the ice, the etiquette is to leave it on the ice and not take it off the ice. If for some reason, it is escalated that high and it leaves the ice, you need to be prepared to face a potential suspension that is NOT in conjunction with penalties on the ice. The Oilers Ice Center will not tolerate threats off of the ice, fighting in the lobby, destroying items or property, or causing a scene in the open public. Any incident could be subject to review. Remember, the rink is a kid friendly environment and we as the adult hockey players at the rink are the examples of what the kids are looking up to as they are watching. I understand emotions can get high on the ice during play, but we need to leave it on the ice.

Other Game Rules:

5. End of Game – In the event of a game in the third period with 60 seconds or less, the clock will be stopped at every whistle when the game is within 1 goal.
a. Regular Season Game: If the game ends in a tie, then the game will conduct a three person shootout, with home having the option to go first or last. If it is still a tie after the shootout, then the game is a tie.
b. Playoffs: If the game ends in a tie, then the game will conduct a three person shootout, with home having the option to go first or last. If the game is still tied after the three person shootout, then the game turns into a sudden death shootout, meaning 1 for 1 until a winner is reached. All players must rotate through before a player is allowed to go again.
6. High Stick causing medical attention will result in an automatic 5 minute major and a game misconduct.
7. Jerseys: Each team MUST have two different jerseys with numbers on the back of each players jersey.
a. Home is always dark
b. Away is always light/white
c. All jerseys must be the same main color jersey.
8. All games are NO checking. However angling is prohibited.
9. No player is allowed to step onto the ice while the Zamboni is still on the ice. Once the zam doors are closed, players may step onto the ice. If a player is on the ice while the zam doors are still open, a 2 minute minor will be issued prior to the puck drop.
10. At the end of warm-up. Pucks are to be picked up and placed in the bucket or on the rail inside the benches. If a puck is shot onto the bench, a 2 minute minor penalty will be issued prior to puck drop.


• Players must be 18 by their first night of play to participate
• If a player receives a suspension on one of their teams, they will sit the required number of games for that team. If that player plays on multiple teams, they cannot play for the other teams while they are on suspension.
o The referee shall call the game and go through the process of USA Hockey rule book for all penalties. However, if an incident needs to be reviewed the league director will review it to see if additional suspension is needed.
o If a player participates in a game while they are on suspension, the game will be deemed a forfeit.
o Off-ice incidents at the rink may include game suspensions for a players team they are playing for at the time of the incident.
o Standards of Game Misconducts based on the number of Game Misconducts they receive during a season, regardless of the number of teams you play for.
▪ 1 GM in a game = Player will sit for 1 game
▪ 1 GM in a season = Player sits for 1 game
▪ 2 GM in a season = Player sits for 2 games
▪ 3 GM in a season = Player is suspended for the season
• Each team’s roster is built by that teams’ captain. Each team may roster up to 25 skaters and can use any league approved goalie for each division for their games. All rosters will be submitted to the league director by the Second week of play. All rosters are then approved unless the league director responds with questions about the roster.
o Policing of team rosters and detection of illegal players is primarily the responsibility of the individual teams. The League may, however, declare a game a forfeit under the following circumstances, but is not limited to these:
▪ The name of an illegal (non-roster) player, defined as any player who does not have complete paperwork on file, plays or appears on the score sheet;
▪ A suspended player dresses while under suspension
▪ League or game officials recognize an illegal player on the ice.
▪ The number of players dressed for any game is more than the number of players listed on the score sheet.
o In cases where a player’s identity is in question, the protesting team has the right to require that said player produce a valid photo I.D. Any player unable to produce valid I.D. will automatically be declared illegal, unless a league or game official is present who can vouch for his identity. In the absence of any such verification, a forfeit declared in favor of the protesting team may occur after the game.
o Rosters for Game Day: Each team may use one of their listed subs on their roster. If the opposing team believes that their opponent is using a non-rostered player, it will be reviewed by the league director by email request after the game. If a roster is found to be invalid, then the roster in question will cause that team to forfeit the game.
• Stickers – Each player is ranked and based on their skills and talent. Each player will receive a sticker that is color coordinated by their ranking.
o Red – Open, Gold
▪ Examples: Former Pro/Juniors or College last 10 years/AAA Travel)
o Orange – Open, Gold, Silver
▪ Examples: Former Pro last 20 years/Junior or College last 20 years/AA or AAA Travel
o Yellow – Open, Gold, Silver, Bronze I, Bronze II, Recreational (w/ approval from League Director)
▪ Examples: Played only adult/Rec hockey growing up
o Green – Open, Gold, Silver, Bronze I, Bronze II, Recreational
▪ Examples: New to Ice Hockey/55+ with no pro or college experience
• Divisions – These are max limits for each division. This doesn’t mean that a team cannot be moved into the next division up based on their roster.
Open: Anyone can play
Gold: Max of 5 red on the ice
Silver: Max of 5 Orange on the ice
Bronze I: Max of 10 yellow on the ice
Bronze II: Max of 5 yellow on ice
Recreational: Green with the exception of ONE yellow on the ice ONLY
• Teams Moving Up a Division: (Must accomplish 2 of the following 3)
o Division Winner/15 points or more/Goal differential of 30+
• Teams Moving Down a Division: (Must accomplish 2 of the following 3)
o Finish bottom of division/5 points or fewer/Goal differential of -3
• Teams may request to move up or down each season, but it will not always be granted. Your roster will be evaluated prior to any move.
• If one of the teams being forced to move is going to have a significant roster change, then their status will be evaluated.